Thursday, February 23, 2012

5 Months

Well our "little" guy is growing up! At five months he is still sleeping through the night still goes to bed about 9 and wakes up at about 7 30 without fail everyday! This boy is like a clock! Eats a full bowl of cereal every meal and still nurses all the time. Rolled over on purpose like ten times on Feb. 3 he loves it and does it all the time which is fun because Elli never rolled over ;D Is doing this adorable launching type crawling maneuver haha where he launches himself forward with his legs and lands on his face and then pulls his arms out and does it again. haha effective enough to get him somewhere really slowly and painful ;D so hopefully some crawling soon! Weighs a whooping 20lbs! loves his binky and immediately stops crying if he hears opera! Love it! can sit up by himself pretty well now! not for really long periods at a time but for a couple minuets at a time! We really love this "little" guy he brings so much more into our home! Coming soon Valentines Day and Elli updates

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ThomasVille said...

Was missing your blog. Glad you got a chance to update. Funny he likes opera. For you (as you know), it was classical music. :) Give that cute little guy smooches from me. Looking forward to your upcoming posts. xo