Monday, January 16, 2012

Finally Christopher Paolini Trip

Well we decided to take a trip to see Christopher Paolini Dallin's Favorite author (refer to Post in April 2011) The author of the Eragon books. Dallin loves his book and loves him because they have a lot in common. Their home towns were Livingston, MT both home schooled both started writing books pretty young,both liked to dig holes haha so lots in common so he's kind of Dallin's hero and person he wants to be like because Dallin really loves to write but feels like he's not good enough and being so like Christopher and everything and the writing style gives him encouragement! So anyway I kidnapped Dallin after work one day (December 14, 2011) with all our stuff packed already picked him up from work and didn't take him home. Told him we were going to Pocatello on a date and we were dropping of Elli but keeping the baby. So it's dark outside really dark and I drive and make him not look and play with his iPhone so we are going to stay the night in Dillon MT with his aunt and uncle but he doesn't realize where we are going till about 45min away from there house it's about a 3hr drive so I feel pretty good about it ;D We then woke up and drove to Bozeman, hung out with some family went to Costco and world market then Johnny Carino's for lunch it was awesome and nice to have some alone time. Then we headed to livingston for the book signing. We finally found the cute little library where it was and waited for a few hours. Dallin was so nervous and excited it was SO cute. We decided we would go to the one in Livingston even though there was one in Billings and Bozeman because Dallin was born in Livingston and its a tiny town so there would be less people. And there was it was awesome he talked for awhile and anwsered questions and read some excerpts. Dallin asked if he played any video games and he said SKYRIM the game dallin's been playing like crazy so that was pretty cool so dallin got to talk to him about that and talk to him a little as he signed our books it was fun especially seeing dallin all nervous and excited then we went and hung out with Dallin's Grandparents and then decided to drive home and we are glad we did because a snow storm followed us all the way home so glad we didn't wait till morning! So glad we got to do this together thanks Julie for babysitting!


ThomasVille said...

What a fun date! Glad he got to meet his fav author. :D

Meek Family said...

Wow! What a great wife you are.

Pristinely Sweet said...

Thanks! I try to learn from the best!! ;D