Monday, January 16, 2012

My baby is 3!

Just a few photos from Elli's birthday obviously it was ladybug themed ; D  I will get more pics and there is a video! We made a totally cute lady bug cake with fondant, Elli got a lady bug skirt from Grandma Julie which was darling and she sewed it herself! Geoffery the giraffe ;D Lady Bug PJ's A Baby Ariel doll, A princess hat that goes with the book Grandma Laine wrote and illustrated and took pictures for ;D A totally awesome cute horse with a little purse and everything that Elli adores! And a fun ping pong set ;D Thanks everyone Elli was pretty darn happy. We were also going to go bowling but the wonderful BYU kids took up the whole place so she rode a few kiddie rides with some tokens and won some tickets and got a prize still a good day and then we went and did cake and presents ;D Happy birthday baby girl I love you

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ThomasVille said...

Love that cute little lady bug girl!!! Thanks for the pix. xo