Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas 2011

Well here we go the long Christmas Post. Well we went to Dallin's Family's house on Christmas Eve and hung out, did Santa's cookies, put together a Doll house and went to bed after playing lots of Rockband ;D then woke up at 5:30 in the morning to open presents. We opened presents till about 9 then we all had to get ready for Church. Having church on Christmas was really fun. Some great talks. And singing Christmas hymns was awesome. We came home made a wonderful dinner, relaxed and played with our new presents. ;D We gave Julie a cute purple peacoat, Gianesi a Grey Peacoat, Lorin a helicopter, Joy Sequence, Aspen Ipod touch, Jeff, Ipod touch, Carson four player chess. Alistair recieved, A boucy chair, a play mat, batman jammies, a cute little jump suit, and a batman shirt. Ellimere received a doll house with furniture and dolls, the movie Rio, tons of awesome dinosaurs, Princess Jammies, a dress up kit,a cute Ladybug pillow, and a dress,  Dallin received a Mini Casting set and everything to go with it, A couple of molds, metal, A huge paint set, a new batman phone case for his iphone, a batman hoodie, Grinch Jammies, a rotary tool,a black hoodie, a shirt,a nike running sensor, a new tie, an itunes gift card, socks, and a fish tank with all the trimmings and two oscars, I think thats it....  I received a Hogwarts Hoodie, a Deathly Hollows Necklace, a Gryffindor Scarf, a huge book called from page to screen about ....duh Harry Potter ;D A case for my sewing Machine, A Hand made apron by Julie :D!!! A Cook Book Holder, Bakeralla's new Cake Pops book that my mom went and got signed!!!! A Gorgeous new Skirt and sweater ;D A gift card to Maurice's to get a new black Peacoat!  Red Silk Jammies ;D A new Hair Straightener, cute socks, another big pot for canning and a super awesome book about being a mom I can't wait to read! and I think that's it if I forgot something I apologize to who ever gave it to me I guarantee I love it but it's hard to remember sometimes ;D I'm so grateful for my family both of them ;D my sweet children my amazing husband and of course our savior who gave the greatest gift of all.  (Presents listed for histories sake)


ThomasVille said...

Sounds like a busy, fun day. :) Cute pix. Enjoyed seeing your Christmas day. Thanks Jess! (A Griffendorf scarf? (sp?) I need to see a pix of that!) xo

Pristinely Sweet said...

haha for sure!!!xoxox