Thursday, May 3, 2012

Super busy.....

so life has been super crazy around here and looks like it will be more and more!! So first of all Elli got glasses! She is super cute in them. We noticed some eye crossing and took her to a specialist to see if it was muscle or vision and turned out she is super far sighted! Poor girl! Her lens' are pretty thick! haha but still so cute! She has adapted very well! Elli is also taking Piano lessons! She is doing super well with that also. Alistair is crawling all over the house and just cut another tooth on top! He eats and eats and eats. He is pulling himself up on everything and has even tried to take a few steps! He'll be walking so soon! :( makes me sad. I have recently taken a job with Anytime Fitness over seeing their Facebook to help with some marketing and advertising for them. I also have taken a job with Apple Athletic Club working in their Nursery and hopefully soon the Aquatics department! Meanwhile i'm still in the Idaho Falls Symphony and recently joined the Teton Chamber Orchestra! Its been super fun and we even have a concert next Monday with non other than the Peponi guy!! haha look up the video on Youtube great movie! Dallin is still busy and loving work. We along with Dallin's family are all signed up for a 40 mile relay in June! So on top of everything else we are training for a race! I think that's all for now. Life is super de duper busy right now. That's all I can say ;D

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