Monday, November 14, 2011

Tis' the season....

for crazy busy...
for family
for sweet smells
for warm jackets
for cookies and hot cocoa
for shopping
being a little nicer
baking pies
gift giving
Christmas carols
roasting chestnuts
remembering our saviour
I LOVE the Holiday season. Who doesn't?? I feel like it is officially Winter now. I had my fall fun which I forgot to post about (but maybe I still will....) and now it is time to welcome in the cold, the snow, and CHRISTMAS! The most wonderful time of the year. It really is. I love how everyone is just a little bit nicer to everyone else. A little more hop in there step. More smiles on faces. More kind deeds. More cookies on doorsteps. More thought about others. More generosity. More effort. Well anyway let the buying of gifts starting and the baking of cookies begin!!!

                                                          Elli Christmas 2010


ThomasVille said...

Nicely said. :) I love it too. Cute new look to your blog. Yes, please post your fall fun. ;-) Love you!

Our family said...

Amen to the list above! It is an exciting year.