Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Love of my life

My Husband

My Hero
My Protector
My lover
My Bestfriend

  1. He is always happy
  2. He takes care of me
  3. He loves me
  4. He makes me laugh
  5. He puts me first
  6. He serves me
  7. He's a great cook
  8. An awesome artist
  9. A great story teller
  10. An amazing Father
  11. Sensitive
  12. Thoughtful
  13. Outgoing
  14. Spoils me rotten!
  15. Always helping me
  16. Saves me from my self
  17. Gives great advice
  18. level headed
  19. Doesn't forget where he came from
  20. Loves his Heavenly Father
  21. Loves his Family
  22. Has a BEAUTIFUL voice
  23. An amazing Goldsmith
  24. Smart
  25. Knows how to work
  26. Tells things how they are
  27. Loyal
  28. Knows how to have fun
  29. Treats me like a Queen
  30. Talented
  31. Determined
  32. Handsome
  33. Can girl talk with me when I need it
  34. Knows whats important and what really matters
  35. Knows a lot about the Gospel
  36. Is always ready to help someone in need
  37. Gets me flowers
  38. comes home early to be with me
  39. Attends all of my concerts
  40. supports all my crazy ideas
  41. Goes shopping with me
  42. Takes me on dates
  43. Always there when I need him
  44. Makes Sacrifices daily for our family
  45. Will never give up on us
  46. Never ceases to amaze me
He is the best thing that has ever happened to me He is my Bestfriend I love you Babe!

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