Monday, February 9, 2009

G-ma and G- pa of the stunningly beautiful woman come to visit!


ThomasVille said...

Cute pics! Cute background too!
Love you!!!

Amber said...

Jess- she's so adorable! And you are looking great! How are you feeling? I went to the doctor today and heard the heartbeat of our little one again. Richard came with and just got this HUGE grin on his face, especially when we could hear him/her kicking. He said, "he's gonna be a soccer player!" It was cute. We will find out in 4 weeks what we're having! Time is just rushin' by!

lundgrenville said...

Okay, Elli gets cuter by the minute...I cant wait to hold her. I get first dibs...I do....I do....I do....!!!!!