Friday, January 2, 2009

annual New years Blow up your gingerbread house

Every year we are going to blow up our gingerbread houses this is our 2nd year!! Last year was pretty awesome. Well as a new sister in law I was a target of two brothers. Me and the smokin hott guy had made a gingerbread house and the brothers of course wanted to blow it up I said no way maybe after Christmas. Well them being the wonderful people they are took it while I was gone one day and blew it up. The funny part is when they took it outside they set it out there then went to get some stuff when they came back the house was gone. They searched around and found that the neighborhood dog had decided it tasted good so the back half of the house had been nibbled on by the dog! haha then I didnt even notice for a few days that the house was gone. But its turned into a tradition and they got some pretty sweet pics last year and this year!

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